Man Bun Style Haircuts 2017

Best Man Bun Style Haircuts

Man bun is a style that no one can argue with it. In 2017, the man bun style haircuts is still a preferred style to rock. Though many believed that the man bun would just be a fad, the haircut has proven its influence. Man-bun styles haircut 2017 are differently customized. Now it is a global haircut and can modify to one’s preferences and tastes. Man-bun styles haircut 2017 are differently customized.

A man bun is a bun that is placed in the peak area of the head although its arrangement can be moved about on the head as in the case of the different type of haircut!

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If your hair has a good length then, the man bun is an outstanding style to consider. All you need to do is find the perfect version for you.

Man bun style haircuts

Fortunately, we can help you in this work by providing you the top man bun styles haircut 2017.

Tight bun with Protruding Locks

Tight bun with Protruding Locks

The length of the hairs for this design is unbelievable, and it is the length what makes it thinkable to create it. It is a simple haircut to create because you have to pull your hairs to the top of the head and then tie them with a rubber-band. Make tight knot for its neat and fabulous look, but you have to leave a few hair protruding from it to make the design exclusive. Make pair it with full facial hairs for fashionable look.

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Messy Low Bun haircut for men

Messy Low Bun haircut for men

This style is perfect and best haircuts for men who want to continue with a natural look and not have time to spend after styling his hair. To create a messy low bun, you should finger-comb your hairs to the back and hold them into a loose low bun. Don’t make it neat, and in its place, leave a few locks flowing liberally. Leaving this few free threads is gives it the messy and natural look and hereafter making it a fashionable design.

Coloured and Braided Bun for men

Coloured and Braided Bun for men

If you prefer something thorough and fancy, then you have to try a fresh haircut with your long hairs. This style begins with introducing some color to locks, or extensions, whichever you prefer. Next, create some impressive cornrows in the top and then finish all of them in the middle of the head and roll and tie them into a bun.

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Crown Bun with Side Part and Tapering

Crown Bun with Side Part and Tapering

It is the popular haircut for men, and if you can copy it, then you have a stunning look. It looks classy but effortless, and you will have trouble if you don’t know how to create it and if you don’t have the right length. It includes pulling the strands on the top into a tight loop and then making a hard side part line below it. Next, taper the strands under the line to the same level as your sideburns.

Twisted Topknot men’s haircut

Twisted Topknot men's haircut

The extent of this knot is farfetched, and it means you need very long hair if you want to capture this look. It is a very straightforward style if have the right length along with you know how to style a bun. To wear this style, you should pull all your hair to the middle of the head and then turn and fold them into a tight knot. You will look very stylish if you have healthy dark hair with shine.

We hope this article is helping you to find the style which most suitable for you. Happy styling!!

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